Insurance Agents

We understand the term “sense of urgency” in business, especially when it comes to writing homeowner's policies. Relationships with agencies and their agents has been vitally important to our business and it is these business relationships that have assisted us in becoming one of the areas leading inspection company's.  Our team is professional, friendly, and focused to get the job done correctly, and with urgency appropriate to the situation. 

    • Timely Service: we will call your client to schedule an appointment quickly

    • Completed processing of all paperwork via email

Our certification is accepted by all insurance carriers providing homeowner’s coverage in Florida. Our staff includes state and/or national certifications / licensures in Engineering, General Contracting, and Home Inspections. While this gives us significant ‘clout’ in terms of certification, it also lends us to a wide knowledge base with which to educate our vendor partners and end users.