(Savings on images are ANNUAL wind premium savings for homes pictured)



I just received my revised bill from State Farm.  My previous bill was $2140; the revised annual premium after you completing the survey is $604.  That is about a 68% savings.  Needless to say, I am very pleased.  I have shared this information with several people already.  Please send a few of your business cards so I can give them to interested people.

Thank you for the follow-up.  It is nice to do business with a company and individual that is interested in results and not just getting paid.

Thank you again,

Richard S.


You must have been reading my mind.  We just yesterday got a new quote from our insurance agent with a different carrier (St. Johns instead of Universal).  Instead of our premium being $3,200 with Universal, it’s now $1,700 with St. Johns.  Thank you so much for saving us money! It was well worth the inspection fee.


Kim S.


Thanks for the follow-up.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  We are squared away on our insurance.  I appreciate you and your company’s professionalism, attention to detail and follow-up.  It is not too often businesses provide such thorough service. I have provided info of your services to neighbors and business associates. Thank you. 

Al L.


Yes, we have heard from State Farm, and we definitely are very happy with the results…a credit of about $1,200! Thanks so much for your help with this and rest assured we are singing your praises every chance we get.

Thanks so much and we’ll probably need more of your cards shortly.

Betty S.


We already received our new policy with the figures.  We will be saving $414.00 a year for five years.  Total $2070.

I’ll mention this to my friends and neighbors for you.


Bruce C.


Thanks, we have saved around $900 on the insurance.  We have given your card to our neighbors and hope they will follow through.  If you have some cards to spare, put them in the mail to me.  I will pass them out at our coffee club.  There are around 15 of us.


Suzanne  P.


I did save quite a bit over $1,000 on the insurance—enough that we’re putting in a new garage door.  Even though it won’t affect the insurance rate, it made sense to have it done for preparedness.

Thanks for your help!

Bob B.


We are awaiting the passing of Ike to bind the new insurance contract. I don't have the figures in front of me, but your mitigation report saved me about $700, as I recall. I will indeed refer people to you.

Thanks again.

George R.


We saved $157 per year and really appreciated your help.  We are giving your name to our neighbor here today.

George B.


I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thanks for helping me reduce the wind premium on my homeowner’s insurance policy.  At first it seemed too good to be true, but when I submitted the report to my insurance carrier, I promptly received a $411 annual discount for hurricane clips in my attic, which I didn’t know I had, and a $825 per year discount because you helped me prove that I had a Hip roof versus a Gable roof.  My understanding is that these discounts will stay in place for 5 years, which totals $6,180 in savings!

Your inspector was also very knowledgeable and helped me understand the reporting process to my insurance carrier, which was a breeze.  As a matter of fact, the inspector also pointed out that the Hip roof credit should have been pro-rated back to 2004 when I originally submitted the data to my carrier. My carrier agreed and they actually refunded another $2,700 to me! I would be happy to have you share this feed back with your other customers, or on your website, so that others can benefit as I did.

Thanks again, 

Chris K.


We received a check for $711.00 from State Farm today. Thanks for everything.

Jim A.


I just received mail today from Universal P&C Insurance….the new premium on the hurricane portion is about $1,600 less than before and on the homeowners portion it is about $1,000 less…..all in all saved approx $2,600.

Thanks for a job well done!  I will pass on the word to all that I know that have a need of your service.

Nathalie T.


I just wanted to let you know that your fee was the best money I’ve ever spent.  It took about three months, but my insurance company finally sent me an adjusted policy and my premium was lowered $890.00! That almost cut my entire policy in half!  Thanks again…

Susan S.


Just wanted to let you know that I received a $1200.00 refund on my hurricane deduction!


Melissa C.


I received revised deck page from State Farm that shows that my policy was amended on Aug 27, 2008 for "Building Code Discount Change". I called my agents office to ask how much the policy cost had changed and found that the annual cost had gone from $1765.17 to $1074.54 a reduction of $690.63. Needless to say the $125 for your services was well spent. I would also like to thank you for the professional manner that you handled not only the inspection but also the follow up with the insurance agency as well as reminders to me  


Hap L.


We've heard from the insurance company.  The reduction was $2100(!) for this year, and they even rebated $1500 from last year's premium.  Your inspection really paid off!

Roger S.


Thanks for your good work Jeff and I truly value that work.  I’m including the changes in the two policies.  I was deciding between. Tower Hill was at $2100+ for $193,000 coverage and Fidelity was at $1700 for $182,000 coverage.  I have lowered Tower Hill to $182,000 so that throws the figures off a bit for comparison but….Tower Hill is giving me $454 off and Fidelity will give me $446 off after your report….Good Job!!! 

Karen C.


I wanted to thank you for coming to our house for the wind inspection.  Our premium was $3,728.00 and reduced to $2,322.00 as a result of the inspection.  We are now saving $1,406.00 a year on our policy premium - what a savings!  We couldn't have done it without your knowledge and thoroughness of the inspection.  I will certainly tell all my friends and family about your company and how much they can potentially save.

Thank you again,

Victoria M.


I received a cheque for $ 1477 for 11/12 of the year.  Thanks again.  The following is a mail I have sent to the Rotonda West magazine.  Hope it helps get you some business.  I don’t know if they will print the phone number or not.  Let’s see!


Bob W. (back home in rainy Britain)

You have asked for contributions to the newsletter so I offer this in the hope it also helps save our neighbors money.


With my wife, I am a part time resident having a home on Boundary Boulevard with our other home in England.  The article in the Jan/Feb edition of Westways regarding windstorm inspections was interesting but was, as usual, only relevant to Florida residents who enjoy Homesteaders benefits.  As you know a large portion of Rotonda owners are from overseas and pay more than full time residents in taxes as we don’t enjoy homesteader’s benefits.


As a British owner, I have recently benefited from a large reduction in my home insurance having had a Windstorm inspection and, although the cost of the inspection at USD120 is not refunded to us, the benefit is still huge.


These reductions apply to homes built before 2002.  Those built after qualify for an automatic discount of around 65% I understand.


Having spoken to a number of American and British friends who are owners in Rotonda, it seems that not everyone is aware of these benefits.


To help others who may have yet to reduce their bills, I detail the process that applied in our case.  I had an insurance renewal notice from my company (ASI) and included was a check list of discounts available for various structural features.  The maximum discount was listed at 82%.  This caught my eye!  The first feature was simply having a shingle roof built to Florida building code.  The discount was about 17%.  Other features included the length of nails in the roof, the type of tie from truss to wall, etc.


I spoke to my agent who recommended an inspector based in Sarasota and I called him and he came to see me two days later.  His inspection took around half an hour and as a result I received a refund on my windstorm insurance premium of USD1477 for 11/12 of the year – a 77% reduction in windstorm element!  The policy declarations page will show the split between windstorm and regular home insurance.


These discounts will be given for each of the next 5 years under current legislation.


An American friend has also received similar reductions on his insurance.


It seems not all insurers are pro-active in making their customers aware of these discounts.  I found ASI and my agent Oswald Trippe, very helpful, not only in making me aware of this process, but they mailed a check within one week of receiving the report.  My inspector was Wind Inspections, LLC and their number is 941-722-2221.  They produced the report the same day they came to my house.  This was exceptional service and there are thousands of dollars to be had in discounts.  There are, of course, other inspectors locally who carry out inspections.


Good Luck!

Bob W



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